Be Bilingual
— Hamlet Meneses

Mi Amigo Hamlet is a Guatemalan-born artist /producer / songwriter / musician.

His sound, a unique integration of Latin and world music influences, is what he calls Bilingual Kids Alternative music. Or as his four-time nominee and Grammy-winning producer Dean Jones of Dog On Fleas says, ‘Juicy Bilingual Kids Alternative’. 

In 2001 he left his career as a multimedia art director in the creative corporate world and started a private-home tutoring business, teaching Spanish through art.

His music career began in late 2005 as a beginner student at the Old Town School Of Folk Music in Chicago, where he studied guitar and flamenco fundamentals with flamenco and dance accompanist Mehran Jalili, and bossa nova teacher Paulinho Garcia. These two styles came together as the foundation of his current album.

He went on to create and found Vamostodos and GoCreative Programs, bilingual enrichment programs for early childhood that teach Spanish through music and art, and English-based music programs in private preschools throughout Chicago, IL.

Through teaching nearly four hundred children, from infants to six-year-olds, every week, in five different schools, he has dedicated his life to spreading love for learning Spanish and music, every single day.  



In April of 2013 he was diagnosed with two forms of cancer, which put a dent in his entrepreneurial career. Nonetheless, his love for his children and his formidable drive to become a cancer success story solidified his life commitment to bilingual education. 

Once able to go back to teaching, he began prep for his next goal: creating a series of music albums that would help teach Spanish to a broad generation of young English speakers nationwide and to create a movement of bilingual music collaborations to benefit as many children as possible.  

The 2016 presidential election and the subsequent changes to the political atmosphere in the U.S. intensified his desire to be a positive influence through music.  It was his call to action to join the national dialogue and not only teach, but celebrate and encourage his #BeBilingual movement.

He hopes to influence future generations of English speakers to love, appreciate and learn about not just Latin American culture but all beautiful cultures of the world as well.

He strives for excellence in all his work, and to leave a positive example for his sons. His love for them colors every song, as does his gratitude and love for his grandmother, who raised him.

The album is dedicated to them.